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Just a quick update with a potential disco hit for the summer. Call it as you hear it.

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Something intellectual

Continuing with Balkan beats. Gramatik, originally from Slovenia, has mustered some sweet tracks over the years. Here is a swinging track that you might enjoy – laid back style.

For something extra cool check this one. Apparently it’s an intellectual process, and I for one can’t think of a thing to make this track any better! Truly a marvel to listen to.

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Summertime delight

The summer is breaking through and where there is summer, there is a need for mellow summer tracks to chill with. The sunbird is a sweet track that will pick up your mood and fits just perfectly with your other summer tracks to make a mellow summer afternoon with friends and beer just that bit better. Go out and enjoy the summer days if you’re lucky enough to have the weather to match it!

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Immediate attack

Feeling like it it’s hard to get up in the morning? I’ve got just the cure for you.

“It’s inhuman” is about the correct description for what I consider to be Figure’s best track. Having always been a sucker for Sci Fi the samples like “make your warriors ready for immediate attack” and dark-side-of-the-moon-like Star Wars thematics are super, they take you right in the middle of stellar warfare.

Surely this is not for everyone, but if you like a proper banger every once in a while I bet you’ll find it interesting. Next time something easy going maybe…

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Tango bellissimo

Straight out of Italy. It’s time to tango babe, but I bet you’ve never tangoed like this before!

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Addicted to a certain kind of sadness

Most people have likely heard Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” by now. That’s probably because it’s a sticky one – and it works for me. Just loving the cruelty of it I suppose.

So it would seem logical that a dubstep remix would be a natural fit to highlight the turning points of the track. To bring extra depth to the cruelty. Hmmm, judge for yourself.

Here’s the original for comparison, if you like. Do leave link at the comments if you’ve got a better remix.

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The rebirth of swing

Here is a track that I’ve been listening to for some time now, still it works wonders for me. Electro swing in general seems to have been gathering more and more wind under its wings recently with artist allover contributing. For me this is great because mixing old tracks with new beats just gives great depth and a well deserved comeback for great tracks. Enjoy…

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In the beginning there was music

Time to start this journey. These are the sounds that I find and enjoy, so maybe someone will listen and enjoy them too. Simple enjoyment.

So without further ado let’s get the music on! Click it:

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