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Creepy classical

I’m not entirely sure what to make of a track that I ran into recently. Yet I keep coming back to it. Raviv Gazit has whipped an interesting journey for the listener. With piano and eerie effects we are taken to the heights of something indescribable, borderlands of imagination. All I can say, it’s quite captivating and I hope you enjoy it.

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Vibes beyond the grave

Ever seen the movie “Strangers on a train”? Hitchcock, perfect murder, ring a bell? Now if it wouldn’t have been two men plotting murder this track is about the way that the soundtrack would have played. Makes you wanna say I really could throw back one “not stirred but shaken”, like a Bond movie from the woman’s perspective, a sophisticated 60’s movie, one of Hitchcock’s. Never-the-less Lovage hasn’t ventured too far from the theme of murder as Jennifer Charles is a true killer with the vocals.

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Relaxing soundscape

Nonagon, a San Francisco based producer, has made a nice Goyopod remix. What I like about the track are the goa-vocals and a mellow beat which make it an easy listen and a relaxing experience. You can also find Goyopod – incidentally also a San Francisco inhabitant – at soundcloud and he hosts a wide array of remixes from this very track: Ashra. If you like the sound why not go and see which remix is your favourite. Comment if you like one!

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Mellow indie afternoon

A new acquaintance from Detroit, 12oz Courage (Aron Blasious) has a relaxed sound and mellow lyrics. This is what I like about indie music, just a guy with a guitar and that garage sound. Surely it could benefit from some mastering but I totally dig the authentic feeling of it. Feels like a bonfire performance to me. How about you, how do you like it?

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Gesaffelstein & Brodinski

A while ago I posted Gesaffelstein’s Viol (LA Yaute Bootleg) and now I have a follow-up for those who appreciated the sounds. This time it’s a track from Gesaffelstein in collaboration with Brodinski – another artist worth checking out if you like what you hear. In case you are interested in catching Gesaffeltein live this summer he happens to be touring Western Europe quite extensively. Finland on the other hand is not on the tour list, how typical!

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Say what?

Have a great weekend people, I’m signing off from work and going sailing. But before I leave I have a sweet track for you to last through the weekend. It’s a crazy tech house track from Moneo – Say what? I say these beats from Austria will get your foot loose, have fun with it!

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Transition to Moombathon

I ran into this easy-jamming moombathon track sometime ago and rediscovered it recently. Summer and moombathon seem to blend together so grab a cold one and jam for a while.

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How much time do we spend in our lives waiting for something to happen? How much in transit from one place to another? Nothing really happening just waiting, perhaps hoping, or thinking ahead. Here is for the intermissions of today:

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Bootlegs & covers

I’ve been looking into Ellie Goulding these couple of days now and I’m starting to be convinced. This starlet from London has a sweet voice for sure, however, I’m not that much into most of her originals.

What I found to be very good though is a cover that Ellie has made. At this point I must mention that the cover is produced by a very skillful guy from Philadelphia by the name of Xaphoon Jones. The track itself is a cover of a The Weeknd original “High for this”, a good listen on its own I might add.

To make things more complicated for you to follow, I’ve also got a really nice dubstep bootleg of the cover mentioned above (and playable below)! Check out the spins that OmegaDubstep has put on Ellie’s cover:

And the “original”:

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Minimalistic home run

The first time that I heard Gesaffelstein it surprised me very much. It was something quite original with very minimalistic electro beats. It had a fresh sound scape with an addictive beat and it just caught me. Now that I think of it afterwards – it’s very Daft Punkish and maybe that was the backdrop for me which made it click.

This remix by LA Yaute is a brilliant track that picks me up every time. I don’t know if others feel this way about it, but I think it takes Gesaffelstein’s Viol to another level. Just crank up your stereos and hit it!

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