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An authentic cello piece

Here’s a fresh classical cello track heard so far by less than 20 people all together. It was played by a very close person to me at her recital – no mastering involved. Surely it cannot compare with the privilege of hearing the live performance itself, but perhaps your imagination can fill in the gaps…

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When cometh Friday

Monday is afar from Friday, however, can’t wait really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving my work, but music wise Friday will be a sweet one. Why? Well it is time for Helsinki Festival – 2 and a half weeks of arts and music really. While I won’t be participating in most of this annual celebration of summer and arts I will, however, partake in one concert – yes, on Friday. Liz Green (UK), a lady with a very charismatic sound, will be holding an outdoor concert in Helsinki. I’m looking forward to it greatly. Too bad you’re not there…

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Dub to cool down with

Ran across this Adrian Sherwood remix by The Fader (US). Prepare for slow reggae and dub tunes, covers of Bob Marley and the likes. It’s another long track and a good effortless listen to set you in a mellow mood. Even the ladies like it – proved by a poll of one!


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Slow dripping music

I’ve had a folkish day today. The skies have been kinda grey, but I found some music to pick up the mood. Here’s one of the day’s highlights – Harriet Starling and the Good Honeys.

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Sweet tooth

Have a little candy pop for your electro swing sweet tooth. I’ve been enjoying this track on my new sound system and the bassline is pretty swell. Ahh and that swinging melody. Feel it rolling? It’s so catchy – it makes me feel sinister! The track is yet another outstanding performance by Kid Kasino, a UK electro swing producer well worth closer inspection.

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