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Let loose the boogie woogie Christmas

Frankie Sumatra’s put together a wonderful collection of alternative Christmas songs to set the mood for the holiday season. Drop that seriousness for there is no need for that classic sweat during this Christmas. No sweat for present shopping and none for food. Instead save it for the swinging action at your Christmas party – bring on a happy sweat with plenty of grins and good company. Sweet recordings on this Christmas Cocktail collection!

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Spring is Down Under

Weary from the day and looking for some ol’time easy listening? Just kick off those dusty shoes ruined by the wasteland that is your career. Get ready to lose yourself in simple emotions, rhythm&blues and drown your sorrows in the burrows. 95-minutes-and-19-seconds of pure surfin – whether it be in the asphalt jungle or on your couch, let it loose.



Big ups to Samosui – can’t believe it’s spring Down Under – nor that this whole set is downloadable for free!

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Birds and Beats

Go down to the harbour and watch the banana boats being loaded. Another humid day on this tropical island state. Look at the women carry their goods above their heads and the young drummer play his barrel drum by the market. All this against the back drop of bird songs and a gentle glimmering of the sun on top of turquoise waves out at sea.

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An authentic cello piece

Here’s a fresh classical cello track heard so far by less than 20 people all together. It was played by a very close person to me at her recital – no mastering involved. Surely it cannot compare with the privilege of hearing the live performance itself, but perhaps your imagination can fill in the gaps…

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When cometh Friday

Monday is afar from Friday, however, can’t wait really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving my work, but music wise Friday will be a sweet one. Why? Well it is time for Helsinki Festival – 2 and a half weeks of arts and music really. While I won’t be participating in most of this annual celebration of summer and arts I will, however, partake in one concert – yes, on Friday. Liz Green (UK), a lady with a very charismatic sound, will be holding an outdoor concert in Helsinki. I’m looking forward to it greatly. Too bad you’re not there…

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Slow dripping music

I’ve had a folkish day today. The skies have been kinda grey, but I found some music to pick up the mood. Here’s one of the day’s highlights – Harriet Starling and the Good Honeys.

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Late nite track

A late nite post. Something relaxing. Soothing and calming. Raviv has released yet another beautiful track. Nothing really special – as the title may give away – but a little epiphany amidst the darkness… after a long oh so long a day.

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Mellow indie afternoon

A new acquaintance from Detroit, 12oz Courage (Aron Blasious) has a relaxed sound and mellow lyrics. This is what I like about indie music, just a guy with a guitar and that garage sound. Surely it could benefit from some mastering but I totally dig the authentic feeling of it. Feels like a bonfire performance to me. How about you, how do you like it?

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The Lo-Fi exchange

In the midst of all the electronic music it’s a delight to hear some Lo-Fi acoustic indie music for a change. I ran into this guy from UK who calls himself “the always unprofessional,” quite fittingly with his sound. Anyways, here’s a sample track that I found to be a nice break from a my daily routines.

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