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An authentic cello piece

Here’s a fresh classical cello track heard so far by less than 20 people all together. It was played by a very close person to me at her recital – no mastering involved. Surely it cannot compare with the privilege of hearing the live performance itself, but perhaps your imagination can fill in the gaps…

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Late nite track

A late nite post. Something relaxing. Soothing and calming. Raviv has released yet another beautiful track. Nothing really special – as the title may give away – but a little epiphany amidst the darkness… after a long oh so long a day.

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Creepy classical

I’m not entirely sure what to make of a track that I ran into recently. Yet I keep coming back to it. Raviv Gazit has whipped an interesting journey for the listener. With piano and eerie effects we are taken to the heights of something indescribable, borderlands of imagination. All I can say, it’s quite captivating and I hope you enjoy it.

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