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Minimalistic oblivion

Time to get a serious neck pain from nodding to these minimalistic beats by Jacques da Soul, great suff for a Friday evening!

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Sucker for French lyrics

Bravo! Some uplifting spirit in this one.

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Poppin a can of trappin

I ran into this poppin track and I got caught in the wave. While I was drawn in to the sea by its sweeping move I glanced seeing bubbles and blurry images which may have been my life. The moment that I let go time stalled to a stand still – there I was, in audio oblivion.

The gLAdiator duo released their new album in full on soundcloud. Such a nice thing to do – trapsters these days…

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Jäger remixed a calm and elegant track by the London-based indie trio The XX.

Wonderful stuff and therefore this one is dedicated to all the wonderful bloggers at WordPress.


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Movie night

Ever seen a movie made from a good book read before seeing the movie? For some unapparent reason it seems to be one of the hardest things to make a good movie from a good book.

Ever seen a good movie and read the book it was based on afterwards? Equally disappointing. Something to do with artistic interpretation – but with expressive arts such as movies and books, well at least with those made for mass consumption, you would think the weight was on expression instead of personal impression. Reality too often shows the true nature of such attempts.

Music is another domain – ever seen a good movie and played the soundtrack afterwards? Music evokes the feelings experienced during the movie, the mind working hard at it to connect the dots and at best creating new depth for the meanings of the motion picture. Similarly amazing is that sometimes music can work the other way too. After first hearing a good song you learn it was features in a movie. Growing to like a movie you found based on a song can be pleasing. But the associations that music weaves in our minds to memories of feelings is even more unique.

So here is some music for reminiscing the feelings brought on by a movie – Drive. This track is one among many, however, it captures a lot of the atmosphere and the division of the main character – being a hero and a human being – all carefully orchestrated by the director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

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Treasure hunting

Catnapp from Buenos Aires, Argentina, released an interesting track on the Berlin based rec.label IF THE KIDS. It’s a pretty cool track so why don’t you give it a try.

If you can’t get enough of it there are a bunch of remixes on soundcloud. Finding stuff like this just makes my head spin – so much good music in the world. Screw pirate bootie, this is modern time treasure hunting!

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Sweet tooth

Have a little candy pop for your electro swing sweet tooth. I’ve been enjoying this track on my new sound system and the bassline is pretty swell. Ahh and that swinging melody. Feel it rolling? It’s so catchy – it makes me feel sinister! The track is yet another outstanding performance by Kid Kasino, a UK electro swing producer well worth closer inspection.

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Digging the deep end

Got some fun tech house music for a change.

A fresh acquaintance, Roberto del Burgo (GER), has just released a nice track running well over an hour. Now I’m not a great fan of long mixes, in fact I find them rather dull. Long tracks, however, work with house music – when listening is a secondary function. Incidentally this is exactly what I was doing.

The track works – just don’t expect it to be in a hurry getting there. It’s great if you’ll be surfing on, working on some dreary office tasks or just relaxing with friends! If you can’t wait, I’m with you – just scroll to around 16min mark for some fresh deep house sounds 🙂

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Blue flowers w/ Green rain

Blue Flowers

Back from a very relaxing week off and it’s time to dwell back into the depths of audio culture. It’s amazing the transformation that has happened with media consumption in the last ten years.

No longer is currency the constraint limiting our consumption with asymmetrically infinite quantities of audio available online. With our time – or the length of our lives – as the only relevant constraint I feel the shift towards quality is inevitable. With over whelming quantities of audio – positive in on its own – we learn to appreciate the marvels of meta text that the progressive evolution of online media has brought about. Now we are at a point where even meta is approaching infinity. How many layers of meta do we need to listen to good music..?

To the point:

Dr. Octagon is dead. Never-the-less let us reminisce on a track celebrating our favourite extraterrestrial gynecologist. I do feel that classical horror movie vibe underneath Kool Keith’s lyrics – is it just me or is this movie theme becoming a definitive soul of the blog? Incidentally Dan the Automator is the common denominator. He’s had his hands deep in this track as well as in “strangers on a train.” I love the original track with its bizarre lyrics only matched by the absurd complexity of our audio culture. However, this remix by Mr. fli for me at least has a very attractive electro twist with definite value added to the original.

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Brooklyn is yellow!

Xaphoon Jones was kind enough to post this track on his blog and while I would have been a little bit more conservative with the wording his comment “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” is just about right! This track is mad. The Brookly duo Weekend Money have definitely got their set together on this one.  They’ve even got a flashy blog worth checking out in case you’re interested … Here

On a side note, I’ll be off for a week or so – in case you miss me. But I’ll be back, stay tuned!

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