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Fruitless attempts at taxonomy

This makes it 1004 words

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Blue flowers w/ Green rain

Blue Flowers

Back from a very relaxing week off and it’s time to dwell back into the depths of audio culture. It’s amazing the transformation that has happened with media consumption in the last ten years.

No longer is currency the constraint limiting our consumption with asymmetrically infinite quantities of audio available online. With our time – or the length of our lives – as the only relevant constraint I feel the shift towards quality is inevitable. With over whelming quantities of audio – positive in on its own – we learn to appreciate the marvels of meta text that the progressive evolution of online media has brought about. Now we are at a point where even meta is approaching infinity. How many layers of meta do we need to listen to good music..?

To the point:

Dr. Octagon is dead. Never-the-less let us reminisce on a track celebrating our favourite extraterrestrial gynecologist. I do feel that classical horror movie vibe underneath Kool Keith’s lyrics – is it just me or is this movie theme becoming a definitive soul of the blog? Incidentally Dan the Automator is the common denominator. He’s had his hands deep in this track as well as in “strangers on a train.” I love the original track with its bizarre lyrics only matched by the absurd complexity of our audio culture. However, this remix by Mr. fli for me at least has a very attractive electro twist with definite value added to the original.

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Brooklyn is yellow!

Xaphoon Jones was kind enough to post this track on his blog and while I would have been a little bit more conservative with the wording his comment “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” is just about right! This track is mad. The Brookly duo Weekend Money have definitely got their set together on this one.  They’ve even got a flashy blog worth checking out in case you’re interested … Here

On a side note, I’ll be off for a week or so – in case you miss me. But I’ll be back, stay tuned!

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Vibes beyond the grave

Ever seen the movie “Strangers on a train”? Hitchcock, perfect murder, ring a bell? Now if it wouldn’t have been two men plotting murder this track is about the way that the soundtrack would have played. Makes you wanna say I really could throw back one “not stirred but shaken”, like a Bond movie from the woman’s perspective, a sophisticated 60’s movie, one of Hitchcock’s. Never-the-less Lovage hasn’t ventured too far from the theme of murder as Jennifer Charles is a true killer with the vocals.

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It’s a saturday night banger

I don’t know how I missed this one when it was released a year ago. Never-the-less, it still sounds fresh. Then again, maybe you missed it too, you’re welcome!

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Something intellectual

Continuing with Balkan beats. Gramatik, originally from Slovenia, has mustered some sweet tracks over the years. Here is a swinging track that you might enjoy – laid back style.

For something extra cool check this one. Apparently it’s an intellectual process, and I for one can’t think of a thing to make this track any better! Truly a marvel to listen to.

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Tango bellissimo

Straight out of Italy. It’s time to tango babe, but I bet you’ve never tangoed like this before!

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