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Vibes beyond the grave

Ever seen the movie “Strangers on a train”? Hitchcock, perfect murder, ring a bell? Now if it wouldn’t have been two men plotting murder this track is about the way that the soundtrack would have played. Makes you wanna say I really could throw back one “not stirred but shaken”, like a Bond movie from the woman’s perspective, a sophisticated 60’s movie, one of Hitchcock’s. Never-the-less Lovage hasn’t ventured too far from the theme of murder as Jennifer Charles is a true killer with the vocals.

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Something intellectual

Continuing with Balkan beats. Gramatik, originally from Slovenia, has mustered some sweet tracks over the years. Here is a swinging track that you might enjoy – laid back style.

For something extra cool check this one. Apparently it’s an intellectual process, and I for one can’t think of a thing to make this track any better! Truly a marvel to listen to.

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