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Dub to cool down with

Ran across this Adrian Sherwood remix by The Fader (US). Prepare for slow reggae and dub tunes, covers of Bob Marley and the likes. It’s another long track and a good effortless listen to set you in a mellow mood. Even the ladies like it – proved by a poll of one!


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Late nite track

A late nite post. Something relaxing. Soothing and calming. Raviv has released yet another beautiful track. Nothing really special – as the title may give away – but a little epiphany amidst the darkness… after a long oh so long a day.

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How much time do we spend in our lives waiting for something to happen? How much in transit from one place to another? Nothing really happening just waiting, perhaps hoping, or thinking ahead. Here is for the intermissions of today:

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