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Minimalistic oblivion

Time to get a serious neck pain from nodding to these minimalistic beats by Jacques da Soul, great suff for a Friday evening!

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Birds and Beats

Go down to the harbour and watch the banana boats being loaded. Another humid day on this tropical island state. Look at the women carry their goods above their heads and the young drummer play his barrel drum by the market. All this against the back drop of bird songs and a gentle glimmering of the sun on top of turquoise waves out at sea.

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Jäger remixed a calm and elegant track by the London-based indie trio The XX.

Wonderful stuff and therefore this one is dedicated to all the wonderful bloggers at WordPress.


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Dub to cool down with

Ran across this Adrian Sherwood remix by The Fader (US). Prepare for slow reggae and dub tunes, covers of Bob Marley and the likes. It’s another long track and a good effortless listen to set you in a mellow mood. Even the ladies like it – proved by a poll of one!


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Sweet tooth

Have a little candy pop for your electro swing sweet tooth. I’ve been enjoying this track on my new sound system and the bassline is pretty swell. Ahh and that swinging melody. Feel it rolling? It’s so catchy – it makes me feel sinister! The track is yet another outstanding performance by Kid Kasino, a UK electro swing producer well worth closer inspection.

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Blue flowers w/ Green rain

Blue Flowers

Back from a very relaxing week off and it’s time to dwell back into the depths of audio culture. It’s amazing the transformation that has happened with media consumption in the last ten years.

No longer is currency the constraint limiting our consumption with asymmetrically infinite quantities of audio available online. With our time – or the length of our lives – as the only relevant constraint I feel the shift towards quality is inevitable. With over whelming quantities of audio – positive in on its own – we learn to appreciate the marvels of meta text that the progressive evolution of online media has brought about. Now we are at a point where even meta is approaching infinity. How many layers of meta do we need to listen to good music..?

To the point:

Dr. Octagon is dead. Never-the-less let us reminisce on a track celebrating our favourite extraterrestrial gynecologist. I do feel that classical horror movie vibe underneath Kool Keith’s lyrics – is it just me or is this movie theme becoming a definitive soul of the blog? Incidentally Dan the Automator is the common denominator. He’s had his hands deep in this track as well as in “strangers on a train.” I love the original track with its bizarre lyrics only matched by the absurd complexity of our audio culture. However, this remix by Mr. fli for me at least has a very attractive electro twist with definite value added to the original.

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Relaxing soundscape

Nonagon, a San Francisco based producer, has made a nice Goyopod remix. What I like about the track are the goa-vocals and a mellow beat which make it an easy listen and a relaxing experience. You can also find Goyopod – incidentally also a San Francisco inhabitant – at soundcloud and he hosts a wide array of remixes from this very track: Ashra. If you like the sound why not go and see which remix is your favourite. Comment if you like one!

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Transition to Moombathon

I ran into this easy-jamming moombathon track sometime ago and rediscovered it recently. Summer and moombathon seem to blend together so grab a cold one and jam for a while.

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Bootlegs & covers

I’ve been looking into Ellie Goulding these couple of days now and I’m starting to be convinced. This starlet from London has a sweet voice for sure, however, I’m not that much into most of her originals.

What I found to be very good though is a cover that Ellie has made. At this point I must mention that the cover is produced by a very skillful guy from Philadelphia by the name of Xaphoon Jones. The track itself is a cover of a The Weeknd original “High for this”, a good listen on its own I might add.

To make things more complicated for you to follow, I’ve also got a really nice dubstep bootleg of the cover mentioned above (and playable below)! Check out the spins that OmegaDubstep has put on Ellie’s cover:

And the “original”:

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Minimalistic home run

The first time that I heard Gesaffelstein it surprised me very much. It was something quite original with very minimalistic electro beats. It had a fresh sound scape with an addictive beat and it just caught me. Now that I think of it afterwards – it’s very Daft Punkish and maybe that was the backdrop for me which made it click.

This remix by LA Yaute is a brilliant track that picks me up every time. I don’t know if others feel this way about it, but I think it takes Gesaffelstein’s Viol to another level. Just crank up your stereos and hit it!

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