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Digging the deep end

Got some fun tech house music for a change.

A fresh acquaintance, Roberto del Burgo (GER), has just released a nice track running well over an hour. Now I’m not a great fan of long mixes, in fact I find them rather dull. Long tracks, however, work with house music – when listening is a secondary function. Incidentally this is exactly what I was doing.

The track works – just don’t expect it to be in a hurry getting there. It’s great if you’ll be surfing on, working on some dreary office tasks or just relaxing with friends! If you can’t wait, I’m with you – just scroll to around 16min mark for some fresh deep house sounds 🙂

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Say what?

Have a great weekend people, I’m signing off from work and going sailing. But before I leave I have a sweet track for you to last through the weekend. It’s a crazy tech house track from Moneo – Say what? I say these beats from Austria will get your foot loose, have fun with it!

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Immediate attack

Feeling like it it’s hard to get up in the morning? I’ve got just the cure for you.

“It’s inhuman” is about the correct description for what I consider to be Figure’s best track. Having always been a sucker for Sci Fi the samples like “make your warriors ready for immediate attack” and dark-side-of-the-moon-like Star Wars thematics are super, they take you right in the middle of stellar warfare.

Surely this is not for everyone, but if you like a proper banger every once in a while I bet you’ll find it interesting. Next time something easy going maybe…

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In the beginning there was music

Time to start this journey. These are the sounds that I find and enjoy, so maybe someone will listen and enjoy them too. Simple enjoyment.

So without further ado let’s get the music on! Click it:

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